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About Us

The best prices in Temecula for the highest quality Clones.
INDOOR, ORGANIC Nursery. Serving TEMECULA with the best customer service, helpful drivers, on time clone drop offs and deals for orders above 50. email us!!!!!!

About Clone Gardens Nursery

We are a Non Profit Mutual Benefits Corporation and completely compliant with Prop 215 in California.  All Patients will require a valid Doctors Rec. to purchase any products from us! No Exceptions!

We do not deliver to residential homes. We do however arrange meet up locations and times in Temecula. Meaning if you don’t live in Temecula you may still order from us and pick up your order at an arranged meet-up location. This method keeps it safe for us and you. We feel, It’s never safe to invite a stranger into your home or residence

If outside of normal hours please call to arrange a prescheduled drop off time or pick up location.

We offer the highest quality genetics for the strains we carry. This process has been refined over 7 years.

We cater to the small first time grower all the up to our commercial grow partners.

Commercial growers should inquire about our discount recurring grow plan.  This plan makes your recurring grow easier, more cost effective and allows you to specialize in growing rather than propagation.

With best scalable prices in Temecula we hope to start your grow off right.

We look forward to growing with you!

Clone Gardens